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Oh, The Many Wonders of Tea

This booklet is a simplistic approach to help soothe our insides. This book is not a cure all, any scriptures used are KJV. All rights reserved. Oh, the wonders of tea was born out of the idea of helping people to be able to cut to the chase when it comes to what's helpful for us.


The Glory is in Their Story: My Heros

This book is a wonderful tribute to those who have inspired, instructed, and shared their wisdom. Today's heroes come wearing capes and have special weapons to defend against the evil in this world.


There is Life After Loss

In this book, the author informs us that life goes on and that it must. In her last book, Be Still and Know, God is Up to Something Danitta shares how she cared for her husband, and fought for him until he passed.  In this book, her life opens up to new experiences in the most surprising ways!


The Heart of

a Servant

The Heart of a Servant is a tool, a reference for those of us in the body of Christ who have dreams, visions, and desire to be used by God, this book is part testimony and part revelation. Learn what to do while waiting for the manifestation of your calling.


In Marriage Will You Fight or Take Flight?

We face these kind of decisions many times over in our lives Friendships come and go , even relationships between family members change over time and we are left to decide if the relationship is worth it. Considering the current divorce rate it seems those decisions are definitely on the minds of many. But how does one decide where the line is? What is a good exit strategy in a marriage that goes through life changing circumstances? Will you stay or will you run away?


What If?

That is the question of the day? Surely you can think of instances that raise that question and demand an answer! Our political scene, the pandemic, the divorce rate could all beg that question. This little book is a conversation starter, or it can be very entertaining when hosting parties or game night with family and friends. It could also make you think, perhaps consider how we could all be better! 


Trials,Triumphs,Truths, and Tears of Sisterhood

This is an intimate look at the relationship of The Sisterhood Prayer Group.  Layoffs, Confrontation with drug lords, garnished wages, even a kidnapping are just a few of the experiences you'll learn about in this book. You'll also learn about redemption, restoration, love and faith. Most importantly, you'll learn how they weathered the trials, truths, and tears of life.


Be Still and Know, God is Up to Something

This book is about many things: providence, sorrow, anger, struggle, grief and, above all, love! In this book the author shares her journey with her husband, a veteran with PTSD, and the early stages of dementia. Along with a plethora of physical ailments came the remembrance that they would stand together until death parted them. As she says in Chapter 9, "OH, the Fight is On!

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Girl Stop!

Ladies, we've all probably heard a friend, a relative or even an enemy go on and on and really just wanted to stop them. They are talking about their relationships and all the ridiculous things they are willing to accept to make the relationship work. The main problem is that no woman should accept behavior they don't want. In this book, Danitta tackles such issues by presenting some of the "lines" we hear every day and pointing out how they fail to serve us. She encourages us to value ourselves, and not sacrifice our goals, our dreams, or our dignity.

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